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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  August 12, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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what the jury finds in the trial of mob boss james whitey bulger. hi, i'm kai jackson. mary is off. here's what people are talking about. the mob boss carried out executions himself and now james whitey bulger will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. >> the jury found 83-year-old james whitey bulger guilty of 11 murders as well as racketeering and conspiracy. he showed no emotion as the decision was read capping a 2 month trial. for two decades bulger was one of the most feared men in boston as leader of the crime family, the winter hill game. he was accused of participating in 19 murders in the 1970s and 80s. in 1994 he evaded arrest and fled to boston after a former
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fbi agent tipped him off. he spent the next 16 years on the run. his freedom ended in 2011 when agents caught up with him in santa monica, california. he was living with his girlfriend in an apartment that also contained a stash of guns and more than $800,000 in cash. at his trial witnesses testified about seeing bulger shoot, stab and strangle people. he would say nothing in his own defense. he declined to take the witness stand, telling the judge as far as i'm concerned i didn't get a fair trial. this is a sham. you do what you want with me. >> the verdict game after 4 and a half days of deliberations. he could be facing life in prison. wjz eyewitness news. >> the jury also said prosecutors did not prove bulger's involvement in 7 murders and could not agree on one killing. jury deliberations are set to trial in the white marsh woman accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband. denise is in the news room with the
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latest. >> reporter: karla porter faces up to life in prison. jurors will decide if she's guilty of first degree or second degree or manslaughter. her husband, ray, was shot and killed at a towson gas station he owned in march of 2010. she took the stand in her own defense, saying years from abuse from her husband led her to hire a hitman. she also faces conspiracy and criminal solicitation. >> walter bishop, the man who shot and killed ray porter was convicted. we will have live reports from the courtroom coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. a massive sinkhole causes part of a three-story villa to collapse near disney world. melanie woodrow reports for wjz. >> crews are watching a giant sinkhole in florida to see if it gets any bigger.
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it has already swallowed part of a three-story hotel 10 miles from disney world. >> we heard some shaking and running up and down the hall and glass breaking. people are yelling get out of the building. >> it happened over night at the summer bay resort. about a half the building was destroyed when a 50 foot wide hope opened. two near by building were evacuated as a precaution. >> one vacationer caught a big part of the collapse on his cell phone. the building housed about 100 visitors. guests credit security guard richard shamley for saving lives. >> people are like is it happening? i said you just have to leave the building because it is collapsing beneath us. >> everyone got out safely. some guests made it out with little time to spare. >> one woman was sitting in the tube and it fell and she just
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grabbed a pair of shorts and came out with nothing. >> florida is prone to sinkholes because the ground is made up of limestone which dissolves in water. there was no problems before sunday night. melanie woodrow, wjz eyewitness news. >> the developer says testing done before the resort was built 15 years ago showed the ground was stable at that time. the military trial of major hassan resumes today in texas. he's representing himself in the fort oo wood shooting massacre. 13 fellow soldiers were shot and killed in november of 2009. so far he's watched in silence as more than 40 witnesses described how he prepared and carried out the massacre. sentencing for the hearing of army private bradley manning is tightened after this courtroom video appears online.
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it's set to a track of people chanting free bradley manning. manning is expected to make a statement wednesday. he faces up to 90 years in prison for leaking classified documents to wikileaks. tonight the city council is expected to make a preliminary vote on the plan to give $107 million to the harbor point development. groups against that plan say they will continue to fight and will protest outside city hall. the city council president says the project has the votes to pass the 15-member council. a final vote is expected sometime next month. it's managed to stay dry so far. let's take a live look outside right now. wjz has weather and traffic together. chelsea ingram is is updated first warning weather. >> hello. i think most of us are going to stay dry for the bulk of the afternoon and then things will change into the over night hour. take a look at current temperatures. 89 degrees in baltimore, 91 dc. dew point is at 61.
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higher in some other instances. some of us feel like we're in the 90s even though we're in the 80s. take a look at first warning weather radar. not a lot going on. we have a few showers over on the lower eastern shore near berlin. one right around snow hill. those are going to continue moving off towards the east. we may see a few more fill in on the upper eastern shore as we head into the latter part of the afternoon. things are really going to change heading into tuesday. chance for strong storms developing ahead of a cold front. could see heavy downpours, damaging winds and hail. areas east of 95 are under slight risk for severe weather tomorrow. we will talk more about that coming up in your exclusive first warning weather forecast. over to you. >> thank you. let's check on the roads right now with christy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi. >> hi, everyone. by usy afternoon so far accident wise. harrisburg expressway in the northbound direction we have a crash there right after shaun road. on northbound 95 on the
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southwest side, an accident at the beltway blocking the right-hand shoulder. 97 southbound accident at ben field boulevard around baltimore city. north forest park at windsor mill also. seeing slow traffic around the west side of the inner loop from 295 past liberty road. average speed 30 miles an hour. on the topside of the inner loop watch for brake lights from green spring avenue over the dulaney valley road. northbound 295 seeing heavy congestion from 32 past 100. let's take a live look. things are a bit slower there in the northbound direction because of that accident on the shoulder at shaun road. this traffic report is brought to you by sleepies. improving life through better sleep. if you like your fireworks from outer space, now is the time to look up. we are at the peak of a meteor shower that arrives every august. alex demetrick reports, the potential
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for mass extinction. >> 1992 was the last time come mets were drawn towards the sun. first recorded during the civil war it swings into the solar system every 133 years. ice and debris form a tail. every august earth passes through what's left of that tail, generates the sparks and splashes of the perseid meteor shower. >> it's dust size or larger. >> the internet is fill ed with images of the shower. 50 to 60 meteors an hour. >> friction, this thing hits and ignites and that's a streak of light we see. >> nice views like that one won't provide any views of the meteor. >> can't predict where they're going to be. just get a wide view of the sky, as dark as possible. >> come met swift huddle has generated worry. its next
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approach in 2126 looked like it might hit the earth or moon. that's since been recalculated to 2144. it would provide mass extinction. >> it's called the perseid meteor shower because the flashes seem to come from the direction of the constellation. still ahead at 4:00, deadly house explosion in a quiet neighborhood. now the search for answers. a girl hangs from a building and is saved by several people. i'm mike schuh at kennedy krieger. this is chole. they're celebrating the first ya anniversary of the animal therapy adistancessistance program. some sun and clouds outside. is change on the way? meteorologist chelsea ingram will have your updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,
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it's partly cloudy and 89 degrees. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. an explosion rocks an illinois neighborhood leaving an 83-year-old man dead. it's unclear how many homes were damaged by the explosion and debris. the force was so strong it was felt miles away. >> i've never seen anything like this in my life. it looks like somebody dropped a bomb. >> i live about three quarters of a mile north of here and my house shuttered when the education explosion happened. >> gas and power service are off in that area until the cause is determined. in china a man trying to save his girlfriend finds himself in need of a rescue. she slipped off the window of a balcony. a neighbor managed to grab his legs. firefighters
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were called. together they lifted the couple to safety. calls for san diego's major to step down. nearly a dozen woman are accusing bob filner of sexual harassment. >> this morning in san diego major bob filner is believed to be back in the city after checking out of rehab before he said he would finish. >> it's people shaking their heads and saying it's ridiculous. >> voters aren't the only ones. u.s. senator and fellow democrat barbara boxer writing an open letter to filner said you must resign. she said the latest revelations have shaken me to my core. the senator is talking about cnn's exclusive interview
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with these women, military and rape survivors who said they were harassed by bob filner at a support meeting. >> filner was invited into their women's veterans group seen as a champion of their cause. >> we're all victims of military sexual assault. it appears to me that he was targeting this organization and hitting on the women in this organization because they were easy prey. >> filner's chief of staff reportedly changed the locks on the mayor's office to preserve what she calls potential evidence. the mayor remains on personal leave. the growing core is for him to resign. >> filner's attorneys say the mayor plans to continue his therapy on an out patient basis. a sluggish start to the week on wall street. >> [bells ringing] >> not much in the way of
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positive or negative news to get investors excited. the dow slipped 6 months, the s&p down less than 2 but the nasdaq is up 10. let's go new york where aai lex sis christoforous has cbs's money watch update. >> big retailers are keeping tabs on customers that return merchandise. >> shares of blackberry rallies as much as 6% after it said it's considering putting itself up for sale. increased competition from apple and android have hurt blackberry's dominant business. it's gone from 50% to 3% today. >> apple is expected to release
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a redesigned iphone september 10th. apple market share has declined due to new android phones. it will be on store shelves in time for the holidays. >> money magazine is out with their 2013 list of best places to live in america. this year's issue looks at small towns. sharon, massachusetts took the number one shot followed by lewisville, colorado. the magazine considered things including unemployment, schools, safety and open space. that's your money watch. for more, go to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous countless people know the feeling that coming from hugging their pet. a new years ago hospitals began bringing pets in to cheer patients up. now mike schuh reports, those animals are doing even more. >> i imagine the great part about being a dog like chole is when you go to work you don't know it.
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>> she knows the way. >> this is a place that can really use her help. chole's job is to work with austin. he was backside of this car . he died and was brought back. his spine, a web of steel. >> can i plug in your sticker so we can throw the ball? >> lisa, his physical therapist knows this will be a good session. chole won't have it any other way. >> it puts joy in his life. >> a life now much different than it was. the new snowmobile, the horses still are still distant. >> he's 7 and a half. >> is he old er er or younger than you? you're five. so chole is older than you. >> this past year kennedy
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krieger began using three dogs to motivate during children tough therapy sessions. >> the dogs them a sense of home, a sense of being in touch with the outside world. secondary, they have unconditional love and acceptance from the dogs. dogs do not judge us on our failures. >> in the year since bringing in therapy dogs about 30 children have benefitted, something this mother is grateful for. >> if he's having a bad day the dog comes in, he getting excited. it's awesome for them to have. >> mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> in order to keep that boy here in baltimore for another 4 to 6 months his family has an online fundraising campaign. you can find it by going to our link, and just click on the story under latest baltimore news. a goodwill worker in california takes her job literally. lakesha williams was sorting through donations when
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she found an envelope with $10,000 cash inside. she admitted she thought about keeping the money but did the right thing and turned it over to her bosses. if no one claims that cash she can keep 10% or $1,000. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00, moving on in moore. teachers head back to school in oklahoma, the town devastated by a deadly tornado. what's in a name? a judge ordered a mother to change a child's birth certificate. the controversy over the baby's name. some clouds and sun right now but storms could be on the way. meteorologist chelsea ingram will have your updated first warning weather forecast. wjz is always on.,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. we have a little bit of sunshine out there and warm temperatures sitting in the upper 80s. temperatures around 89 degrees, 91 dc. that's been the hot spot on the map all day. dew point at 61. that's gone down just a little bit. 83 in rock hall, 80 kent
4:24 pm
island. dew points have gone down a little bit thanks to a wind shift right out of the north. these winds are going to shift again moving out of the the south by late tonight. that's going to filter in a lot of moisture. that moisture is going to be the fuel for the storms moving the mid atlantic. they're going to be pushing in and bringing us strong to severe weather into tomorrow. we are looking at severe weather possible for the eastern shores, mainly areas east of the 95 corridor. those areas at slight risk heading into tuesday afternoon. the good news is tuesday late into wednesday high pressure is going to push in. once that cold front passes through that's going to bring us less humid air, more comfortable air and temperatures below normal. it's going to be very, very refreshing. that should take us through the latter part of the work week and even the start of the weekend. bay
4:25 pm
forecast and bay temperatures around 79 degrees. winds out of the south around 5 this afternoon. heading into tonight, lowing around 70 degrees, showers and thunderstorms late. tomorrow high around 85 degrees thanks to extra cloud cover. a couple of strong thunderstorms possible. that slight risk is for areas east of the 95 corridor. we are looking at major threats of heavy downpours, strong winds, potentially large hill. >> the length of this potential storm for tomorrow? like most of the day, half of the day? >> it's going to start in the morning. we will see some rainfall during the morning commute and heading into the afternoon. that's when the severe weather can kick up, once we get sunshine in the mix too. >> all right. we will keep our up brel mbrella's handy. >> that's right. tonight under the dome is at 10:00 followed by eyewitness
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it is 4:30. 89 degrees and mostly sunny in central maryland. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter. an emotional reunion between the california father and his teenager daughter abducted by a family friend. the family is excited to have her back but mourning the loss of her mother and brother. >> hannah anderson is back in california with her father after a week-long manhunt that ended in idaho. the san diego sheriff says the teenager claim family friend james dimaggio took her there against her will. police got a tip from a group of local horse back riders who happened to cross paths with the pair.
4:31 pm
>> she had a scared look on her face. we didn't know if it was from the horses or what. >> authorities spotted dimaggio and anderson from the air then a hostage rescue team went in on the ground. the fbi says the 40-year-old was shot and killed by an agent after he was given the opportunity to surrender. >> hannah and her father were reunited over the weekend. the teenager now has to prepare for the funerals for her mother and brother. >> the families of kristina and ethan were found inside dimaggio's burning home. the sheriff said hannah was not aware of her deaths until she was rescued. the teenager's family members are celebrating her return but they are also in mourning. >> we had to totally focus on hannah, period. so now we can take our time to grieve my daughter and grandson. >> dimaggio was a long time friend of the anderson family and like an uncle to the kids.
4:32 pm
a friend of hannah says the 40-year-old confessed he had a crush on the teenager. >> now, family members say kristina and her two children visited to say good-bye because he was planning to move to texas. another sign that life is slowly getting back to normal in moore, oklahoma, kai has more. >> reporter: that's right. teachers returned to their clasw . students follow this friday. that. -- that comes 3 months after a huge tornado ripped apart their school. some students will be relocated to new schools until their old one can be rebuilt. teachers and administrators are expected to kick off with a rising from the storm recovery campaign. >> 23 of 36 sites in the moore school district suffered some form of damage. the man in charge for the justice department calls for
4:33 pm
major changes. eric holder wants to scale back sentences for non-violent drug offenders. as tara mergener reports from washington, it's expected to help prison over crowding. >> u.s. attorney general eric holder wants to end harsh prison sentences for drug crimes. >> it is to rehabilitate but not to warehouse and forget. >> manned tear minimum sentences went up in the 80s to fight the war on drugs. the inmate population skyrocketed. today federal prisons are operating nearly 40% above capacity. almost half the inmates are there for drug-related crimes. many of them are low income and black or latino. >> every dollar the doj keeping a non-violent drug offender locked up is a dollar that could
4:34 pm
be spent buying bullet proof vests for cops. >> now the u.s. department system is police to change the way they charge offenders. >> we in the federal government can become smarter and tougher on crime. >> but former assistant u.s. attorney mill oden said they are effective. >> crime has gone down by 50%. >> more than a does zen states are moving in holder's direction, shifting money away from prisons and to drug treatment centers. in washington, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> holder is also expanding justice department policy to allow elderly inmates who did not commit violent crimes and already served a significant portion of their sentences to be considered for reduced sentences. a dry day so far. take a live look outside. it's sunny with some clouds around.
4:35 pm
wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here now with the updated numbers from first warning weather. >> got warmer today. low dew points over the week end. we have a slightly higher moisture in the air over most of the region. the last couple of hours the dew point has dropped there's some showers well to the northwest and southwest of us. temporarily on the dry side for us. there's a few showers leaving the ocean city area. up to the north and northwest after a frontal boundary that's going to approach us with a good shot that we'll see scattered storms developing late tonight, maybe after midnight and continuing on your tuesday. right now 89. the dew point has come back down to a more reasonable 61. it was to 67 around noon. 81 in ocean city, 75 oakland. tomorrow we could see some very gusty winds, downpours, maybe some small hail. mainly east of the baltimore region. but we could see heavy showers during your drive tomorrow morning to work
4:36 pm
anywhere between 4:00 and 9:00 in the morning. we could see shower activity and some heavy downpours with some thunder as well. we will check that out later on. let's check on the roads right now with christy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi. >> hi, everyone. well, lot s of activity so far this afternoon. northbound on 95 watch for some delays there from the beltway over to white marsh boulevard. we just got word of an accident 95 northbound at mountain road. as far as delays on the beltway go, the west side inner loop slowing from south western over to liberty road. northbound 295 stop and go from 32 over to 100. we have another accident along northbound 95 at 100 slowing things down. harrisburg expressway, an update on the crash in the northbound direction, it's approaching belfast. it has delays back to timonium road. other accidents, north forest park at windsor mill. let's take a live look.
4:37 pm
things are a bit slow in the northbound direction of the harrisburg expressway. moving well in the southbound direction. it looks like it's eased up on the beltway west of york road. this traffic report is brought to you by sleepies the mattress professionals. baaing to you. >> thank you. how about a trip from la to san francisco in half an hour? is today elam musk is set to explore hyper looping. >> it is ugly. it's made of styrofoam and duct tape. yet this mock-up may be a look into the future. it will take several billion dollars to build a system for sending these capsules down a vacuum tube, just like outer space, to eliminate friction. the journey begins when the capsule moves through an air lock. >> so this is the capsule.
4:38 pm
>> darrell calls it the evacuated tube transport technology and thinks it's an way to get from la to san francisco in time to get a tuna sandwich. >> faster than jets? >> yes. >> how long? >> half an hour. >> what do i feel ? >> what you'll feel is like if you're in a corvette and pushed the throttle down all the way. >> if he sounds like a lonely inventor, consider elan musk who made his billions creating electric cars, online payment system papal and space x. they're a big fan of moving people without cars. >> you just see a carpet of cars that aren't moving and it's like, wow, how much misery is
4:39 pm
that causing and surely there's something we can do about it. >> now musk plans to help pay for what he calls the hyper loop, using that livation like used in japan. up next, extend the system across the country and then the world. >> new york to bejing? >> 2 hours. >> wow. >> if they have their way, this will be some ticket to ride. barry peterson in denver. >> a high speed train is being considered in california and it's higher. i like it. >> i do too ful -- i do too. emergency in the air, a cable car accident believes dozens of tourists stranded. details on what happened.
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new developments in the murder case of patriots player aaron hernandez. why investigators are looking at his fiancee. sun and clouds outside but storms could be on the way. bob turk has the updated first warning weather forecast coming up next. it's the h.h. gregg employee family prices event, where you'll pay what our families pay. you'll save up to 25% on appliances, electronics, furniture, and more. get this samsung french door refrigerator for the incredible price of $1439. and save big on this proscan 39" led tv . only $277. plus tablets start at only 69 dollars. now through august 17th, save up to 25% on appliances, electronics, furniture and more. at the h.h. gregg employee family prices event, you'll pay what our families pay.
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a frightening high wire rescue in ukraine over the weekend. a cable car accident stranded more than 75 tourists, include 13 children. they used mountain climbing gear to lower the passengers to the ground. there were no accidents. a deadly accident between a bus and a truck in the northern area of india. at least five passengers died and 30 were injured when their private bus ran into a truck on the national highway today. road accidents are common in india where roads are poorly maintained. authorities blame a large number of accidents to wreckless driving. despite reports of a crack
4:44 pm
down in egypt on supporters of former president morsi security forces stay away and demonstrations continue. >> egypt security forces appear to have backed off plans to begin clearing out protestor camp sites. supporters of former president morsi has been protesting for weeks. despite reports that police would move in this morning nothing happened and the protests remained peaceful. >> john mccain visited egypt last week to meet with military leaders and urge them to refrain from violence. sunday he said a violent crack down of peaceful protestors could lead to a big loss for egypt's military. >> if they go ahead and crack down in a violent way are you going to call for a cut off of aid to egypt. >> i'm afraid the congress of the united states would have to consider carefully the elimination of aid.
4:45 pm
>> egypt has received billions of dollars from aid from the u.s. because it keeps peace along the border with israel. martin defrp si is expected to arrive to discuss the situation today with his counter parts. >> last friday a missile strike killed four militants allegedly preparing to launch rockets. al-qaida blames the israelis for the attacks. a new twist in the murder case against former nfl player aaron hernandez. kai is in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: that's right. prosecutors are now focused on the fiancee of the former star. they are looking into whether shain jenkins shayanna jenkins hid the weapon. she was is machine comes and going from the home. she put an
4:46 pm
object into a car and returns to the house later without carrying anything at all. warrants are also executed at storage facility. >> she could be considered a police after the fact. a new study suggests a connection between the kind of labor a woman has and her child's chances of being autistic. marly hall has the details for wjz. >> researchers have found a link between a pregnant woman's labor and the risk of having a child with autism. a new study from duke medicine found that inducing labor and increases the strength or frequency of con extractions may raise the chances of autism, especially in boys. >> what we found was an elevated risk of around 35% for males who were induced and august meanted. >> autism effects approximately 1 in 88 children in the united states. doctors don't know
4:47 pm
exactly what causes autism but scientists suspect genetics and environment play a role. >> this study gives us another environmental factor that may be influencing risk for autism. while these finding are preliminary it still raises red flags. >> that's because about 20% of births in the u.s. are induced. about 70% are augmented. researchers say that more study is needed. >> what we haven't found is the reasons of the increase. it could have something to do with the circumstances of maternal health. it could be events at birth or the process itself. >> doctors say the best advice is to learn about typical childhood development so you can spot the early warning signs of autism >> when it came to girls the
4:48 pm
risk only went up when the strengths were increased. the next time you buy nail polish remover at cvs you have to show your id. that's because acetone is used to make meth. cbs says the new tracking system will let officials flag purchases a tennessee judge orders a mother to change her child's name. the name debate that's dividing a family. >> at 7 months old julissa martin's son is teething. he's ready to crawl. his birth certificate roads me see yeah martin. they could not agree on a last name. >> i thought out into the future. >> child support judge lieu an
4:49 pm
ordered his name martin mccolluh. >> the word messiah is a title. facts should be apparent a tiet -- it's a title that has only been earned by one person. that one person is jesus christ. >> never intended on that -- naming my son messiah because it means god. i didn't think a judge could make my change my baby's name. >> it's the first time the judge has ordinary ordinarier ordered a change -- has ordered a change. >> it could put him at odds with a lot of people. at this point he has had no choice in what his name is. >> everybody believes what they want. i should be able to name him what i want to name him. >> what's your thoughts for
4:50 pm
children named jesus? >> well, i thought about that as well. that's not relevant to this case. >> a hearing on the mother's appeal is scheduled for next month. in the meantime she said she will continue to call him messiah. some clouds around the region. will the sun stay? >> bob has the updated first warning weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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4:53 pm
looking pretty warm this afternoon. above normal. currently looking at 89. the good news is this afternoon the dew point kept coming down. it's down to 61. 89 with a dew point of 61. it feels like 89. earlier today it felt like 9 1, 9 92 bauds the dew point was high -- because the dew point was higher. the barometer right now currently holding
4:54 pm
steady 29.96 inches. only 75 oakland, 91 dc, 85 pax river, 81 ocean city and 84 elkton. only 80 down by the bay, annapolis and kent island. once again dc was the hottest this afternoon. only 84 in westminster. we have a northwest wind here. tomorrow more of a southwest wind or southern wind ahead of a frontal boundary. we talked about it. looks like we could see gus ty and drenches downpours beginning early tomorrow morning, maybe as early as 4:00, 5:00 a.m. activity over portions of the midwest. this area of showers from michigan into pennsylvania right now looks like the bulk of this will pass just to our north. there's more to the south and a frontal boundary just going through chicago will focus moisture to our region. rain in the area, thunder and
4:55 pm
heavy downpours. some areas could see an inch, inch and a half of rain. behind it, a taste of fall. cooler, lower humidity. wednesday, thursday and friday beautiful. nights back in the 50s again. low dew points. it's going to feel just like september. an early preview of fall. we had several of these already. here in august we had few hot days this month. southwest winds on the bay 5 to 10. the bay temperature around 79 now. sunsets at 8:05. could see scattered showers and thunderstorm activity later in the afternoon as well. tonight, very late 70, maybe a couple strong thunderstorms. some strong thunderstorms in the morning, maybe in the afternoon. the strongest threat will be to the east of us, where it's warmer. particularly's of the
4:56 pm
chesapeake bay tomorrow afternoon. >> thank you. still to come on whereins eyewitness news tonight. >> -- o's out fielder adam jones,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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4:58 pm
coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00, deliberations in the case of a woman accused of killing her husband is in the juror's hands. and the verdict is in,
4:59 pm
whitey bulger, a known mobster learns his fate. cold-blooded killer or abused wife. >> that's what a jury has to decide in the case of a woman accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband. hi i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm denise koch and here's what people are talking about tonight. a giant sink hole ruined the plans of vacationers in florida. many had to leave their hotel rooming without their wallets, purses and belongings. >> reporter: crews are watching a giant sink hole to see if


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